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Some Facts about Cortisone Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Cortisone creams are the most popular hemorrhoids treatment till date. While there is an overabundance of hemorrhoid creams and ointments today, most of them are solely designed for soothing pain, burning and itching caused due to hemorrhoids. Complete cure has not been achieved as yet.

Nonetheless, there are some creams that can shrink the inflammation in the rectum. Finding one such treatment can be extremely difficult, since different creams have different reactions on individuals. The cortisone treatments for hemorrhoids however, can only be availed by a prescription. The only over-the-counter cortisone treatment till date is hydrocortisone.

What is Cortisone?

Cortisone is a steroid that occurs naturally in the body and is produced by adrenal gland. When the body is under stress, it produces cortisone. Whenever it is required, the body releases cortisone into our bloodstream for a short period of time.

Cortisone cream is basically a topical ointment containing corticosteroid that helps in reducing swelling and inflammation when applied on the affected parts. Hemorrhoids are characterized by swelling and pain in the rectum, and these symptoms can be successfully treated with cortisone creams.

Hydrocortisone, as mentioned above, is an effective water-soluble form of synthetic steroid that is being sold under different names. This cream is uniquely designed to heal conditions like hemorrhoids and other sin irritations.

Although cortisone creams are helpful, prolonged use of these crams can have adverse effects. Doctors usually discourage persistent use of these creams, since they can weaken your tissues over time to make things worse. This is a fact.

Cortisone treatments for hemorrhoids are good, but only for a limited period of time. When used for long, these creams can cause many other skin complications. Patients with hemorrhoids usually consider cortisone creams to be their only source of quick relief. As the condition can be embarrassing at times, applying cortisone creams seems to be the only easy task to avoid any such situations. However, they fail to realize that they are actually inviting bigger problems in the near future.

Application of Cortisone Creams

Knowing the proper use and application of cortisone creams is also very important. When applied properly, cortisone creams can help in lubricating the tissues around the anus, thus providing a soothing affect. Although the affect is brief, it provides instant relief from pain, itching, burning and soreness caused due to hemorrhoids.

As there are countless cortisone creams available on the market these days, you must be careful while choosing the best cream for yourself. In these cases, it would be wise to consult a doctor and take suggestions. Usually the prescribed cortisone creams work better than the over-the-counter medications.

We are not really aware of the use of these creams or any other topical creams, and only an expert can guide us. Also, we are usually uninformed about the different ingredients used in cortisone creams for treating hemorrhoids and preventing the same from coming back. Taking all these necessary suggestions from a medical practitioner would lessen the risk of any associated side effects or further problems.

However, once again it needs to be mentioned that cortisone treatments for hemorrhoids should not be used for long. Instead maintain healthy and hygienic toilet manners and eat fiber rich foods to keep your stools softer and regular. This would help in preventing straining, thus decreasing the chances of developing hemorrhoids.

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