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Hemorrhoids are the most frequently occurring problems that people usually prefer not to talk about. As the subject and the symptoms of the condition are embarrassing, sufferers prefer to maintain silence, although it isn’t really difficult to get relief. In most of the cases of hemorrhoids, instant relief can be obtained without a doctor visit. You might as well not need any medication for instant hemorrhoid relief.


How to Get Instant Relief from Hemorrhoids?

There are some simple actions to be taken for hemorrhoids relief. Taking these measures can not only help in curing the condition, but also ensures instant relief from the same. Here’s what you can do for hemorrhoids relief:

Take one day at a time

There’s nothing that can cure your complication just like that. You need to take one day at a time to treat the symptoms and get healed. Although there are certain methods of instant relief, but they can only provide temporary relief. Being slow is no harm; you just need to be steady.

Do not put too much pressure

Hemorrhoids develop when your blood vessels and veins around the anus and rectum are swollen. The biggest reason for this swelling is the excessive pressure exerted. It normally occurs when you are constipation; you tend to strain yourself more than usual. In order to avoid straining, you need to have loose or normal bowel movements. It can be maintained by regularizing your food habits and adding lots of fluids and fiber to the diet. This would ease your pressure and make bowel movements more regular and much easier. Also, you should keep your anal parts lubricated to avoid cuts and sores during bowel movements.

Warm Baths for Instant Relief

Whenever you are in great pain, you can take warm baths for immediate relief. Soak your buns in warm water and you’ll feel relieved. It helps in lessening the pain, itching and burning and also increases blood flow to accelerate healing.

Ice Compress

Use ice to soothe the pain right after a warm bath. It helps in relaxing the blood vessels and heals pain.

Never Scratch

Scratching the hemorrhoid is the last thing to do. Although it is a pricking condition, you must avoid using your nails. It would in turn damage the affected parts further and would increase the swelling and pain.

Use Witch Hazel Creams

Witch hazel, when applied directly or contained in topical creams can give instant relief. In fact, witch hazel is the most widely recommended remedy for hemorrhoids by the hemorrhoid sufferers. It allows your blood vessels to contract and shrivel back once gain to its normal size.  You can also put the witch hazel in ice and compress the sore for relief.

Stone Root Herbal Remedy

If you are looking for an herbal remedy stone root is the best till date. A herbal formulation, stone root helps in curing the pain and other associated difficulties in a very short span of time.

Clean Gently

Do not be harsh on the hemorrhoid. Use gentle wet wipes to clean yourself. You can also use lotions or moisturizers on the toilet paper. However, you must avoid those toilet paper rolls that contain dyes or perfumed sprays.


It is possible to get instant hemorrhoids relief only if you are careful. You need not try very hard to relieve hemorrhoids; just take these simple measures and cure yourself.





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